Ray Sykes is an industrial artist who has been working in the Bay area since 2006. His work ranges from large interactive art works made in a collaborative work environment to smaller scale works that bridge the worlds of mathematics and art. Ray has designed and built projects with The Flaming Lotus Girls, Charles Gadeken, and others Bay Area artists.

Ray Sykes has recently been creating his own smaller scale projects fabricated with light and metal. Ray’s art explores the intersection between mechanical, manmade objects and the organic biological world of planet Earth and beyond.

The artist generates forms using recursive computer algorithms, Fibonacci geometry, and other mathematical relationships. The resulting pieces take on a life of their own. Ray then uses the Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) to cut the forms from metal and carefully crafts them into one of a kind pieces using resin, light, and electronic circuitry.

Ray enjoys combining technically complex and challenging aspects of the mathematical world with art thereby bridging the gap between art and engineering.